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As we hurtle toward immigration doomsday just six months after the General Election, we are told that saying, "No! Close the door!" is selfish and inhuman.; we 'must' welcome tens of thousands of them with open arms?

My response is simple? "Tell that to the people of France, Germany, Greece and Sweden, who are drowning in them."

We were promised many things by both Conservatives and Labour politicians, but neither could be bothered asking us what we wanted? Did any of them actually ask you . . . ? I thought not.

Ironically the Government is boasting of how they will reduce the national debt, and they should know, after all - they created it.

Only UKIP, and now Britain First have pledged to say NO to the EU, to seize control of our borders. Pledged an extra 34 billion to the NHS, to cut Foreign aid spending and no tax on the minimum wage.

Putting the British People First. If that's what you want, then you need to vote for it, otherwise you'll be whistling in the wind for another four years of broken promises . . . again.

Green Light for Shoplifters in Nottingham
A shoplifter caught by the daughter of a Nottingham Shop Owner, had to be released after three-hours, because the police failed in their duty to attend.

After complaining the shopkeeper was given the brush-off and informed that unless stolen goods were valued at more than 200, they could sod off, because no action would be taken against the thief.
It would appear that the police and the CPS (the Criminal Protection Society?) had come to the following cozy and unlawful arrangement. As the court cost of arresting and prosecuting the accused would cost more than the fine, they would do nothing.

That they would deny the victim their right to justice, and by doing so, perjure their oaths of office.

To no one will we deny justice, Magna carta has been thrown out of the window, a criminal act.

However, there is nothing to stop the victim from suing both the CPS and the Council, for conspiracy to deny them justice and failure to uphold the law.

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