Unlawful Fines and the Unlawful Courts of Enforcement.

The Law states, "Grants of fines and the threats of fines made to a particular person before conviction, are illegal and banned." Bill of Rights 1689.

Yet, on a daily basis, Councils, Police, Car Park Attendants, Litter Wardens, Traffic Wardens, are making a living and earning their employers a fortune by unlawfully issuing, ‘fines and threats of fines on a daily and even hourly basis.

Roadside cameras, produce unlawful fines under the pretext of road safety, but is exceeding the speed limit in a private vehicle a crime, unless the driver harms, or injures someone, or causes damage to property. Then the cameras can be used as supporting evidence, as can the disregarding of recommended safe driving speeds.

But greed prevails, and it appears easy pickings has resulted in the police lowering speed limits on many roads, primarily to earn money from speeding fines.

A Knowledge of Common Law is Important - It Defends Us Against Them - Our Money Grabbers.

Common Law is simple, straightforward and universal. It is simply a few common sense rules which, enable communities to live together in peace. England was the first nation to enshrine it in law, with Magna Carta

The theme is simple: Respect the rights and property of others, and do not, violate them and so create a victim, or victims. If we create a victim, they, or someone acting on their behalf, can order us to appear in a Court of Law, with a jury, to answer the accusations made.

Unless there is a 'victim' of our actions, there is no crime in Common Law, with the exception of:
(a) Acting in Mischief
(b) Causing a Breach of the Peace.

No Fine or Promise of a Fine before Conviction is Lawful.

Has your parking, litter, speeding, fine etc. been issued because you committed any of these Common Law Crimes?

Is there a victim who you have harmed, or injured? A. No.

Have you caused loss or damage to their property? A. No.

Have you acted dishonestly in your dealings with them? A. No.

Have you Acted in mischief, or caused a Breach of the Peace? A. No.

Therefore, you have not created a victim, nor committed a Common Law crime.

But there is a victim of a Common Law crime - and that victim is you!

You have been unlawfully fined before conviction in a Court of Law, and threatened with higher fines if you do not pay
immediately and are taken to Court, but will their Court be a Court of Law?

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