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(I Tell It As I See It - Not How the BBC, Media, or Politicians Claim It Is)

As we hurtle toward Islamic immigration doomsday just a couple of months from the referendum, we are told that saying, "No! Close the immigration door!" is selfish and inhuman. We must welcome tens of thousands of them with open arms?

Claude_Jean Junkers, the unelected Merkel placed President of the 30 equally unelected EU Commission, throws a hissy fit and declares, he is going to tear up the Dublin Rules, requiring refugees to register with the first safe neutral country they reach. He'll be demanding to be crowned King of Europe next!

My response is simple? "Sod off, Junkers, and try selling that to the people of France, Germany, Greece and Sweden, who are drowning in Islamic immigrants and refugees."

As the UN Agenda, The Islamisation of Europe, continues we hear David Cameron is campaigning hard to allow Turkey, with an Islamic population of 79 million to be allowed to join.Under the right of freedom of movement legislation, we would be unable to resist being swamped by sheer numbers.
We were promised many things by both Conservatives and Labour politicians, but neither could be bothered asking us what we wanted? Did any of them actually ask you . . . ? I thought not.

Ironically the Government that were boasting of how they will reduce the national debt, and they should know, after all - they created it. Find the National banks of EU member countries collapsing all around us.

Spain, Iceland, Greece, Italy and France on the brink.

Tell me again Mr Cameron that we are better in the EU than getting the Hell out!

Only UKIP, and now Britain First have pledged to say NO to the EU, to seize control of our borders. Pledged an extra 34 billion to the NHS, to cut Foreign aid spending and no tax on the minimum wage.

Putting the British People First. If that's what you want, then you need to vote for it, otherwise you'll be whistling in the wind for another four years of broken promises . . . again.